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How do I sum up Ray Ray in just a few words? I simply cannot.

I was hesitant and unsure what my time may be like with Raylee, I am forever grateful I took the leap.

Raylee believed in me. I mean soul filling whole heartedly BELIEVED in me at a time I doubted myself.

The times I didn't believe in myself, Ray Ray did it for me. Then she guided and showed me how to believe in myself just as much.

I now feel grounded and I feel inner strength strong. With so much of that being because of my time with Ray, my fitness queenie. 

Thank you for showing me the way.

Love- your little one

Jess Hollier- Manager - Airlocker East Maitland.


Freya Blackwood

Australian Illustrator & special effects for Lord of The Rings.

Ray's positive influence in my life over the past six months has turned much of my life around.

I developed the skills to overcome some horrible anxiety, and with her kind but firm guidance also gained control over a deteriorating work and home life. Her resources and knowledge are extensive and spot-on, and her positivity is infectious.

Without your help Ray, my new book, "The Boy and The Elephant," literally wouldn't exist. Thank you, with love from Freya, the boy, and the elephant.

Mel Currie

Airbnb Business Owner

I met Ray at a highly challenging time in my adult life. Yet, her warmth, knowledge, and consistency enabled me to progress in leaps and bounds.

I would encourage anybody seeking to make a considerable change in their life to engage Ray for private Life Coaching services.

She has a wealth of tools and techniques to cater to a broad range of the community. I look forward to working with her now on business and career goals.

Bronwyn O'Shea, Entrepreneur

Bronnies Briefcase- HR Solution

I reached a point where I felt like I was stuck; I felt my life was on loop. So I quit my job, Google Life coaching/Mindset, and found Ray. I was ready for change and needed to level up.

Our fortnightly sessions were an absolute vibe. I walked away from each with a new perspective and a clear action plan for the fortnight ahead. With Ray's Life Coaching tools, support, and encouragement, I have launched my dream HR consulting business called Bronnies Briefcase.

Life is tough, but it's easier with a ray of sunshine.

Kimberly Hutchings

Store Manager NXT-GEN Nutrition

Ray understands what it takes for us to get the most out of life. Life coaching with Ray has empowered me to take back control of my life. As a result, I'm happier, more confident, less stressed, more resilient, and able to handle anything that comes my way confidently.

The best part about working with Ray is she is genuinely invested in your well-being. Raylee is caring and empathetic, and I could connect with her.

Thank you, Ray.

Daniel Smith

Birdsong Wine Trails Owner

Sometimes you meet people in this world you know you were meant to cross paths with; Ray is that person. I have known Ray on a professional level for many years, and in the last six months, I have had the privilege to work closely with Ray. She has guided me and been there for me with amazing support during this time.

 Ray has the ability to help you appreciate what you have, strive for what you desire and remind you life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Thank you, Ray, for all the tools you have shared with me.

Jenni Goodman

Australian Illustrator

I first went to see Ray on the back of a few hectic years. Things had slowed down for me, and I needed some help to regain my footing. Raylee's encouraging yet no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to switch my chaotic mindset to health, organised calm and recover control of the things that had slipped away during that busy season.

Throughout my Mind Your Health Life coaching sessions, Raylee honed in on my career, and personal goals and I have a clear direction, actionable strategies and a sense of focus. The resources and accountability I get from Raylee are precious and add significantly to my life. Knowing what I want and need from life and getting it done brings so much joy and peace.

Thank you so much, Ray.


Karen Fenwick

Karen Fenwick Photography

Ray is a shining light; she helped me overcome so many deep emotional thoughts and patterns affecting all of my life.

From the moment we first spoke and to our first meeting, there was a feeling of calm and trust. I felt so at ease. Ray helped me understand my thoughts and patterns, what is important and what isn't.

I cannot thank Raylee enough for her guidance, honesty, strength, positive mindset and the beautiful person she is. I am forever grateful for the inspiration.

Thank you Ray for helping me on this positive journey that has truly changed my mindset and who I am today.

Eleni Andreou

Bleached Hair by Eleni, Owner

Ray is an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. She instantly made me feel comfortable and put my anxiety at ease. I went to see Raylee at a time when my life was spiralling out of control. I ended my marriage, my business was suffering and I felt disconnected from my family and little girl. There are no words to describe the different person I am today.

I have worked with Ray for many years now and with her help and guidance have made countless positive life changes. I have levelled up in all areas of my life. I am now remarried, 2 extra children, health is on point and a business that is well balanced.

I highly recommend Raylee's Life Coaching to everybody. You will not regret it. She will positively impact your life from the moment you get in touch.

Kasey Loses 20 Kilos

Mother of 3 Finds her Confidence.

The Day I met Ray changed my life. I was most unhealthy and felt stuck in a rut.

After one coaching session, Ray instilled in my self belief that I could do what it takes to turn my health and life around. Through her welcoming, caring and nurturing environment, she educated, supported and taught me the rituals to implement change into my life.

I am seven years on, and I am in a healthy relationship. I had another baby, healthy mentally and physically.

Thank you, Raylee, for your Healthy Mind and Body Coaching and for showing us that we are worth the effort and life is to be lived to the fullest. Your Life Coaching has transformed my life and my family's life.

Forever grateful, Kacey.


Crystal Loses 41 kilos in 12 Months

Business owner and mother of 2

My Life Coaching story started with Raylee 10-years ago. When I met Ray, I weighed 116 kilos, and I suffered from horrid social anxiety. I felt so frumpy, tired and lost with zero self-esteem. I honestly thought I was a lost cause and could never change.

The day I met Ray was the first time in my life I had hope. Over the next 3-years, Ray educated, trained and supported me through a total reinvention of my life. She taught me how to nourish my body without feeling deprived, and she taught me how to train in. a group environment which I loved.

Most importantly, she taught me how to process negative thoughts about myself and others. Without Ray, I would not be married today and would not be a great role model for my girls. Ten years on, I am still 74 kilos and the happiest version of myself. Ray, you have made me a better person. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Love Crystal


Mindful Eating Group Coaching & Hypnosis

Before attending the Inner Strength Coaching Group Mindful Eating Course, my diet consisted of only meat, potatoes, coco pops and baked beans. I had never tried vegetables or salads before.

After my first session, I knew I had made the right decision to do group Mind Your Health life coaching. I started to try one vegetable and salad each day. To my surprise, I enjoyed eating them. I also cut loads of sugar out of my life.

In 4-weeks, I had lost 10 kilos, felt transformed and now was a great role model for my young son.

I highly recommend Raylee's Life Coaching to anyone that wants to transform their relationship with food and the knowledge and strategies to make better choices. The program and Raylee changed my outlook on food and life for there better.

Thank you, Raylee

Kellie Lost 30 Kilos

Professional Engineer and mother.

In January 2015, I hit my heaviest weight of 89 kgs. I was so busy with my engineering career and putting everyone else first. I neglected myself, felt so depressed, insecure, tired and grumpy all the time. I avoided social events and any activities that involved summer clothes or swimsuits.

Raylee's Life Coaching has taught me mental strength, self-acceptance, motivation, time management, nutrition & fitness training.

As a result, I am 26 kgs lighter and have never felt better about myself. My healthy mind and body have had a positive impact in all areas of my life. My career and relationships have never been better since coaching with Raylee.

Thank you, Raylee for helping me transform my life.


Penny's Mind & Body Transformation

Penny, Successful Engineer and Mother of 4
January 14, 2015

I started with Inner Strength Coaching 6 years ago, and I can honestly say that a four-day Life-Coaching session five years ago wholly transformed me and my life.

Before I started coaching with Raylee, I was in my early forties and was out of shape. I ate lollies every day, did no exercise and was the queen of excuses. I was in the lowest level position at work and genuinely believed that this was the limit of my capabilities.

Since completing the Healthy Mind & Body Program, my life and body have changed dramatically. I am now a manager and have had numerous promotions in the last few years, and I don't recognise the women in the mirror. I genuinely believe that I have gained trust and belief in myself and now have new habits and rituals to support my healthy mind & body.

Raylee has shared her knowledge with my whole family through personal training, yoga, and beautiful family meditation ceromonies.

I am truly grateful every day for the self-respect and confidence I have gained through being coached by Raylee.

Casey Loses 20 Kilos in 12 Months

Casey Cox, Mother and Career Woman

I started Life & Health Coaching with Raylee Ten years ago.

I joined her Healthy Mind & Body program to lose weight and gain confidence.

I soon realised Ray was one in a million as she saw the best in me when I couldn't.

I've always been overweight and had no confidence, but the year I turned 30, Ray coached and encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do.

One of those "encouraging." 

There is no way I would have believed I could have achieved such challenges, but Ray always could see through me and believed in me.

Within that year, I lost 20kgs. Losing that weight, I finally gained the confidence to be able to walk down the street with my head up high instead of watching my feet.

At my 30th birthday party, I felt like a million dollars, able to wear my goal dress with heels, and I felt amazing and proud of myself.

Thank you, Raylee, for pushing and believing in me to do things I never thought I could do.

x Casey Cox

Angela's Family Transformations

Mother of 2 Loses Weight on Her mind and body.


I joined Raylee Rices's Inner Strength Program four years ago. I was ready to lose weight and be more mindful.

Raylee taught me the tools I needed to achieve my health & fitness goals. But more importantly, Raylee has enriched my life and, in turn, my family’s life.

I will be forever grateful to Raylee for her knowledge, support and genuine caring nature.

I have grown as a wife and mother, and most importantly, I have found “ME” again. 

 Raylee has been an exceptional coach in the gym and life coaching studio. Not only has she helped guide me but also my children in her Kids Off The Couch Program with exercise and nutritional advice.

She has shared tools and techniques as a Life Coach not only for myself but for my daughter Miss 9

Together we attended a meditation course, and I can’t thank Ray enough for the positive changes in my little girl. The Meditation techniques and inspirational teachings have given Miss 9 the tools to support her work through her anxieties.

Angela Roberts


Kylie 25 Kilos With Phone Coaching

Neuroscience Mindcoach Business Owner Kylie C


When I found Raylee, I felt my life was out of control. As a busy success Neuroscience coach, I let my health and family life take a back seat.

 Raylee is the nicest of blends between encourager and arse-kicker. I always felt she was in your corner. Her focus on what’s weighing on you rather than your weight is a game-changer. As a neuroscience coach, I understand the power of your thoughts and habits in making and sustaining change – the sabotage and power within your mind. Ray brings this to life through her practice, resources and hypnosis focus.

I now have a clear mind, high energy and a calm brain.

As a busy professional Mum living regionally, I valued flexibility in session times, the opportunity for phone coaching, and Ray’s willingness to share her vulnerability around juggling work, family and well-being.

If you feel like you have lost your way with your health and well-being and want a robust, generous and engaging coach to support you in making a change, I highly recommend you give Raylee a call and get started today!

Her professional credentials speak for themselves, and her kindness and authenticity ensure partnering with Raylee is a supportive and guaranteed path to success.

Forever grateful,

Mind-Body Coaching With Graves Disease. 

Jess, Successful Business Owner and Mother of 2

I came to see Ray after the birth of my second child. I wanted to reduce the body fat that I gained during my pregnancy.

I was diagnosed with Graves disease and had my thyroid removed, which made losing weight difficult and disheartening.

Ray has helped me adopt a positive mindset not only about my body but about life too. For example, I assumed the belief I couldn't control everything in my life, but what I could control was how I responded to it.

Each week I learned proper nutrition, the function of the body and how we use our minds to help or hinder us. I love how much Ray empowered and motivated me. Ray made each coaching session both challenging and rewarding.

I am lucky to have found Ray.


Thank you, Raylee, for three years of physical and mindful challenges that helped me grow and change. 

Forever grateful,

Jessica S xx


Jennifer Levels Up All Areas of Her Life.

Jennifer, Professional Photographer and Mother.

Ray’s Healthy Mind & Body Life Coaching has transformed my life by understanding the many layers of good health.
Raylee has helped me understand the importance of physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional balance. As a result, I achieved my goals with guidance in my business decisions, right food choices, healthy eating habits, exercises, weight training, and mindfulness.

In my one-on-one Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and M-Braining sessions, I worked through my past emotional traumas, life goals, family matters, and career decisions.
I have found every session to be therapeutic and eye-opening. I have been amazed at how Ray has been able to tap into my thoughts, work through my feelings/emotions and then show me how this drives my actions. Ray always creates a space where I feel very comfortable, and I always leave feeling positive and with purpose and clarity. All my sessions have helped me grow in my personal life, find direction, and give me the courage I needed to take positive action. But more importantly, they have improved my emotional well-being while healing wounds and thoughts from my past.
Ray is very passionate, honest and empathetic and continues to impact my life in ways beyond my expectations. Thanks to her knowledge, compassion, and dedication, I am becoming a better and healthier person every day.
Thanks to Ray, I genuinely do believe in myself.


Sara Is Now Free From Anxiety In Her HSC Years.

Sara Kenny. HSC Student

I met Ray in 2017 when I was in year 11. I struggled with the confidence to be myself and find direction in my life.

I felt very deflated, anxious and unhappy the majority of the time. For years, I told myself that I wanted to become healthy and change where I was heading in my life. The phrase 'I'll start next week' was on a constant loop. At this point in my life, I struggled with independence, had never been to a dentist, hated talking to people over the phone when booking appointments, and had never had a proper job. I was scared of being rejected by employers.

When I first went to Ray, I had never thought fitness, nutrition and mindfulness would become an essential part of my life. Ray welcomed me like we had known each other forever. Through her Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body Program, she taught me that health is not just about being physically fit but also about overcoming the mental boundaries that hold us back.

My life changed drastically because of working with Ray. I became confident and independent with being myself every day, and I am the happiest I have ever been. I went to the dentist for the first time and was not scared or worried, and I applied for jobs even with the possibility of rejection. I am no longer afraid to push my edges.

Today, I continue to grow mentally and overcome life's challenges, both physically and for my mental well-being.

Inner Strength Coaching Program has changed my life forever.

Do yourself a favour, call Ray today, and I promise you won't regret it.


Susan's Family Transformation

Business Owner Susan and families complete health success.

I found Ray in 2011 when I was searching for another Weight Loss program. However, what I found was more than a weight loss coach. In Raylee, I found a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, a mentor for my two challenging boys and now a lifelong friend.
Raylee's Healthy Mind & Body Program, Kid Off The Couch Course, Meditation Courses and Hypnotherapy taught our family stress management strategies, mindfulness, nutrition, correct mobility, yoga and life skill tools for challenging situations.

Today, seven years later, I no longer require pain relief, 20kgs lighter, and I feel total wellness inside and out.
My boys attended Ray's Kids Off the Couch Program, family yoga and Mindful Meditation. As a result, both our boys have learned about nutrition and healthy life choices. They are now capable and confident in making their healthy meals and snacks and handling conflict within themselves and others better. 

Each program empowered us with new useful life skill tools, knowledge and experience to assist and support us manage these challenging situations.

We, as a family, are forever grateful to Ray for guiding us on this path. Thanks to  Ray's encouragement and support, I have my own business. It would never have been an option without a Life Coach like Ray.

Thank you, Raylee