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Life Coach Caves Beach NSW

About Master Mindset Life Coach Raylee Rice

Hey friend,

I'm Raylee

I've been a women's mindset coach, an entrepreneur and a mother my whole adult life, and I'm obsessed with the question, "How can I do it all well without sacrificing their happiness and my health?" Another question is, too, "How can I chase my dreams without my kids ending in therapy?" Or how can I do what I love and still have a phenomenal family and health?"

I live in a small salty coastal town at Caves Beach with my four daughters, one son, a delicious husband, and a scraggy poodle Luna.  We are a blended family locally referred to as The Brady Bunch. My husband Chris and I both have two daughters and a son each. We are a squad and do not distinguish between the families, and we are one.

We are an active family who loves the beach life, dirt bike riding and spending lots of time around campfires watching the bush tv. We cherish the simple things in life, and everything stops at 6:30 pm for family dinners. 

I am most proud of how our family are a well-oiled machine. The house is organised, and the kids are resilient, respectful, and engaging. But, honestly, it wasn't always like this way. Together we have evolved and learned what works and doesn't.

You, too, can have it all running smoothly. Business, fun and recreation, family and health are all balancing acts. But, with the proper ritual, mindset, habits and values, you can create a phenomenal family, career and home life.

Inner strength coaching is an inside job.

Raylee Rice

Master Life Coach

 This is my Story


Where it all began -


Hello, my new friend; I am Raylee Rice, wife of Chris, mother of Jayden, Paris and Summer and Step-mother of Zeke, Indiana and Saskia.

I started in the fitness industry in 1994 after the birth of my son Jayden. Three days after the birth of Jayden, I was fighting for my life with significant blood clotting. Being told I had a slim chance of survival was enough to promise myself that I would transform my life if I survived.
I stayed true to my promise. After 12 weeks in hospital, I learned to walk again, found the nearest gym and started my new life. Within the first 12 months, I shed 40 kilos and stood on stage as a physically new person in a body shaping competition.

Being skinny equals happiness, right?. Wrong. My body composition did not have a direct correlation to my mental health. When I removed buffering through emotional eating, I replaced it with obsessive training, controlled eating, attention through compliments and people-pleasing. What I once could not control,
I white-knuckled to gain control.
The part of the story that I have not yet shared is the doctors were confused about how I created blood clots in the first place. My lab results reflected someone who had thin blood and platelets that were unlikely to thicken. This mystery opened my eyes to the teaching of Louise Hay, whose mantra was that your body is a physical manifestation of your thoughts. So, in 1996 after reading "Heal Your Life", I searched for a holistic life coach, enrolled in Grace Grove Colledge on a Self Empowerment course and started my self-discovery journey.

I soon learned I was holding onto childhood trauma. My internal dialogue consisted of I was unloved, unworthy, not good enough, didnt belong, men abused me, women left, family are not there for me, and friends didn't stay. These belief systems were a heavy load to bear, and even today, a flicker of residue still lives inside.
Transforming my life was not found in all the diets I tried. I tried them all. Lemon Detox, Soup diet, Aitkins, 5:2, Cauliflower soup, paleo, Keto, intermittent fasting, starving myself, juice diets, vegan, meat only, etc.
Every new program I started reminded me that I was a failure, I couldn't complete it, I had no willpower, and it was because I was not good enough.
In 2008 I opened my studio, A Ray of Fitness; I felt I found a family in creating a community that had similar struggles. I felt an obligation to my children and my people to get the answers to a conflicting message. I lost trust in the diet regulations as the contradictions continued. Eat low fat as fat is the enemy. No, stop, sorry we were wrong; fat is not the enemy but don't eat eggs or avocado. No stop, we were wrong about the eggs and avocado. Eat meat only if it is grass-fed, but make sure it is slaughtered while happy. WTF, who is comfortable while you are being killed.
Together with my people, we endure Isogenics; one size fits all programs and 12-week challenges from Michelle Bridges. I must say, we [email protected] nailed that shit. We lost weight and won the most weight loss in Australiasia. Michelle Bridges knew who A Ray of Fitness people was. But it did not last. Not long after, the weight loss challenges finished, and old habits and beliefs kicked back in. I realised I was like a parent telling my community what to eat and what to do, and I did not teach them the life skills they needed to eat right for life.
Around this time, I met a lady who transformed my life, Kate. I am pretty sure I changed hers too. Kate introduced me to yoga, and this is where all that I had learned came together. A Ray of Fitness transformed into Inner Strength Coaching. I completed my yoga teaching training, Life Coaching, Master NLP, Hypnotherapy, M-Braining, and Timeline therapies.  

Personal training became a combination of strength, yoga, mindfulness, rituals, habits and healings. We finally found the secret sauce we were missing for complete health and happiness.
My life mission has become to facilitate change in as many lives as possible. I endeavour to share my decades of knowledge in days to help people find
true health happiness the easy way.
After ten years of implementing wholehearted health and happiness into my community, family, and own life, I am happy to say that I have truly learned what
complete health & happiness is. Today, I am a Women's Business Coach and Mindset Coach. I now educate and empower others on how to implement these same principles in their business and personal life. Because at the end of the day, happiness is an inside job.

Yours in health & happiness,

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