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An Inner Strength, Women's Retreat, Can Help You Feel Empowered, Rejuvenated, Connected & Free From The Past!

Are you stretched thin trying to balance a career with being a wife/partner, mother, daughter, friend, housekeeper, peacekeeper, tutor, taxi, chef & lover, & expect to look good simultaneously?

If so, you are not alone!


Raylee - Ray-Ray

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Having The Right Circle of Women Around you Is The Biggest Life Upgrade.


Many women are overwhelmed, tired, and alone and lacking confidence often leads to going inwards because they have nothing else to give, resulting in a disconnection from friends, family and self. 

One day we looked in the mirror and asked, "how did I end like this"?

Habits, rituals, and the standards to you have for yourself have resulted in what we call your personal reality today.

 A combination of lack of boundaries, healthy rituals, balance & many people pleasing in most cases. 

It's time to find a better way.

 Join like-minded women retreat to remove our masks, let go of what is no longer serving, rewrite the negative self-talk, design a new version of self and LAUGH a lot!

 This life-changing transformational, seven days and six nights of complete immersion are all about you. So let us do the heaving lifting while you live, laugh and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Let go of the Habit of Being You means you leave the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have kept you stuck behind in Bali. 

 As a result, feel free, transformed, empowered, rejuvenated and connected with yourself and our sisterhood while laughing a lot. 

 "So, don't be afraid; change is a beautiful thing. So let's stop crawling & instead fly". Said the butterfly.

Meet Your Inner Strength Retreats Head Facilitator, Raylee Rice.


My name is Raylee Rice; I am your master mindset coach & Inner Strength Retreats facilitator. 

As a mother of 6 children and a business owner, I can appreciate how easy it can be to overlook self-care.

My mission is to guide, educate and empower women to create a powerful positive mindset and to respect & love the skin they are in. 

For the first 20 years of working in the health & fitness industry, I witnessed women believing that skinny equals happiness. And the truth is, I encourage training and dieting to help achieve their "happiness" as a PT.

The day I stopped letting my clients down was when I finally realised that happiness did not equal body composition.

The secret sauce to happiness resulted from removing the studio mirrors, disposing of the scales, stopping dieting and introducing yoga, meditation and mindset coaching. As a result, women transformed emotionally & physically in front of my eyes, and the positive ripple effect was evident throughout their whole family. 

Say goodbye to the inner critic and pledge to let go of negative thoughts or behaviours that no longer serve you. 

Happiness is an inside job.


Inner Strength Retreats

6 Days & 7 Nights August 2023, Bali

5 Star The Floating Leaf!


Live-Laugh & let go of what no longer serves you! In this transformational retreat, identify the limiting emotion, such as anger, fear or even unworthiness, that has held you back from living your life to your full potential.

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Bali Retreat 2023 - Live, Laugh & Let-go

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Women's Support Circles 

Inner Strength Coaching & Retreats offers FREE community talks and circles to create an opportunity to celebrate each other.

Join Master Mindset Coach Raylee to guide you through thought-provoking talks & an opportunity to laugh a lot. Take time to unwind and be your authentic self.

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Breaking Free 4-Day, 3-Night Weekend St Albans NSW 2023.

Join Master Mindset Coach Raylee to guide you through a life-changing & soul-filling weekend. Break free from habits that no longer serve you and learn how to implement new healthier habits. Includes yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, ecstatic dance, spa treatments, healthy eating and much more.

Break free and regain control of your life to find who you are at the core. Leave Yanada feeling rejuvenated, empowered, lighter, relaxed and ready to implement all your learnings into your life.

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Inner Strength Women Adventures!

Join Master Mindset Coach Raylee to guide you through a fun-filled adventure weekend. This weekend is about throwing away our masks and trying on all kinds of adventures. Bike rides, hikes, wine tours, stand-up paddle boards, spa treatments and more! Let's get out and have a lot of fun! 

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Blue Mountains Hiking & Meditation Adventure Weekend!

Join Master Mindset Coach Raylee to guide you through a fun-filled adventure weekend. This weekend is about throwing away our masks and taking day hikes through The Blue Mountains National Park! adventures. Start your day with a guided meditation, hike through the day and a lovely meal with an optional glass of wine at night!

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Be The Kind Of Woman That Fixes Another Woman's Crown Without Telling The World It Was Crooked.

Join Master Mindset Coach Raylee to guide you through a transformational weekend. Identify negative thoughts and emotions on repeat that no longer serve you. Learn how to break the cycle of feeling and thinking and thinking and feeling! Learn how to create a new version yourself while implementing new healthier habits. Includes yoga, meditation, spa treatments, healthy eating and much more.

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