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Mind Your Health Masterclass

Are you one of those fitness facilities offering another weight loss challenge? STOP.
With 28-years in the Health & Fitness Industry, I have seen every diet come and go.
Don't make the same mistake buying into or promoting the bullshit of another new program, pill or portion.
Learn and share how to Eat Right For Life by understanding the difference between hunger and desire. In mind, Your Health Masterclass learn how to lose weight or gain weight and how to take control back over the urge to eat NOW. The URGENT feeling is more about addiction as opposed to hunger. Hunger is subtle. Learn how to fuel your body for your lifestyle without counting calories or following a fad diet. Learn daily rituals & habits to promote mindful eating. Learn how hormones affect your eating, weight loss and mood swings and learn how to rebalance them. Never diet again. Learn to lose weight on your mind and watch how your body responds. Free yourself forever. Enjoy confidence, a healthy mindset and self-respect and trust yourself again. Take care of your body or you will have no where to live.
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Level Up Your Facility, Work Place and Life

Mind Your Thoughts Masterclass

Introduce "Mind Your Thoughts", a life-changing Mindset Coaching masterclass by women's empowerment coach Raylee Rice to your facility or workplace. Mind Your Thoughts Masterclass shares the secret principles of The Self Coaching Model to transform the way the Think, Feel, and Act.
It is not he events in our lives that shapes us, but our beliefs of what those events mean.
The only place the past and lives is within your thoughts. The only place the future lives is within your imagination. With an average of 60,000 thoughts a day on repeat, your life right now is a direct reflection on how you currently think, feel and act.
If you desire a different outcome, thinking differently is the key. The brain that has created your current reality, is not equipped to create your new life without an upgrade. In your Mind You Thoughts Masterclass, learn how to think on purpose while making the past negative thought redundant.
Transform your life, your workplace and facility by offering the Mind Your Thoughts Self Empowering Masterclass. Be the change you want to see in this world.
Free yourself from your past and learn how to forgive everyone starting with you.
Learn how I transformed my life, one thought upgrade at a time.
Watch your thoughts, as they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. What your character for it becomes your destiny.
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Upgrade The Culture In Your Workplace.

Mind Your Business Master Class

You did it. You opened your dream business and the next step is attracting and retaining the perfect staff and ideal clientele.
Master Life, Mindset Coach & Women's Empowerment coach Raylee shares the tools and strategies to create an environment that attracts the ideal people to your door in The Mind Your Business Master Class.
Nothing hurts a business more than negative staff and high turnover. One cancerous person has the power to drive the most loyal staff and clientele away. Build a warm culture and a welcoming community for every person who walks through your door.
Culture eats strategy from breakfast, operational excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner. Learn healthy communication techniques, recognise the signs of stress and develop strategies to cope with it. The benefits include a reduction in irritability, anxiety, sick days, conflict and health problems and an increase in member retention, energy, productivity, quality of sleep, and interpersonal relationship with co-workers, members and family.
Prevention is always better than cure. Culture is what motivates and retains talented staff and clients. Build your business on healthy foundations and watch it grow.

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Loving Me, Loving You

Mind Your Relationship Masterclass

Before you find your soul mate, you must first discover your soul.
Sorry to break the bad news to you. It all starts with YOU.
Would you like to find Mr/They/Mx/Mrs/Ms Right but somehow end up with Mr/They/Mx/Mrs/Ms Right Wrong? So, why do we repeatedly attract the same kind of person?
In the Mind You Relationships Masterclass, learn the WHY and HOW to attract our lifelong partner. If you are already in a committed relationship and want to take it to the next level, learn healthy communication skills to defuse unnecessary conflict and create a harmonious relationship.
Be mindful of who is watching and learning "how love is meant to be". If you have children, ask yourself, "Is this the relationship I would love for them to end up in? Are we modelling what a healthy relationship is, or is it s relationSHIT? It all starts with YOU.
Learn how to love wholeheartedly, communicate lovingly, create boundaries, let go of resentment, and avoid co-dependancy.
Love yourself first, trust you first, believe in you first, have your own back first and then find someone to love as a bonus.
Happiness is an inside job.

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