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Discover the Inner Strength Power Within You to Transform Your Life.

Have you ever embarked on numerous ventures only to find yourself quitting before reaching your goals? Do you feel trapped in a cycle of uncertainty, yearning for guidance and purpose? If so, I want you to know that you are not alone.

My name is Raylee Rice, and I am here to help overwhelmed leaders and entrepreneurs like you unlock your inner strength. Focusing on mindset, habits, and rituals, I empower individuals to regain control of their lives and embark on a journey towards lasting happiness and success.

Why choose me over others? The answer lies in my personal journey—a journey born out of adversity, resilience, and ultimate transformation. I understand the struggles you face because I have walked in your shoes. Unlike many others, I don't merely offer theoretical knowledge; I draw upon my own life experiences to guide you towards tangible results.

For over 29 years, I have immersed myself in the realms of health, fitness, and personal development coaching. I opened A Ray of Fitness in 2008 and, years later, Inner Strength Coaching. I have been facilitating change in hundreds of people's lives ever since.

Throughout this time, I have witnessed countless individuals fall into the same unhealthy patterns, hindered by childhood trauma, negative beliefs, and self-destructive habits. But I have also discovered the keys to breaking free from these limitations, paving the way for a mindset shift that can revolutionise every aspect of your life.

Meet Raylee - Your Coach. Your Friend. Your Mentor

During this pivotal time, I met Kate—a woman whose impact on my life would be immeasurable. Everything I had learned up to that point through her introduction to yoga began to align. A Ray of Fitness underwent a profound transformation, emerging as Inner Strength Coaching. I immersed myself in further studies, becoming a certified yoga teacher and mastering techniques such as life coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, M-Braining, Breathwork, Reiki and timeline therapies.

You Are Not Alone

Today, my approach to Coaching encompasses physical & mental strength, mindfulness, rituals, habits, and healing therapies. I have discovered the secret sauce missing from the equation—the integration of mind, body, and soul. Armed with decades of knowledge and experience, my life mission is now to facilitate change in as many lives as possible.

After fifteen years of wholeheartedly embracing health and happiness in my own life and the lives of my community and family, I can confidently say that I have uncovered the essence of true well-being. As an Inner Strength Coach and Mindset Coach, I now have the privilege of educating and empowering others to implement these principles in their personal and professional journeys because happiness is an inside job.

Your Inner Strength is Calling. Will You Answer?

I invite you to join me if you are ready to embark on a transformative journey towards complete health and happiness. Together, we will unleash your inner strength, tap into your unlimited potential, and create a life filled with purpose and joy. Remember, you are not alone—I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let us begin this incredible adventure together.

With an unwavering belief in your potential,

Raylee Rce

my inner strength is calling, im going to answer

Raylee Rice

The Inner Strength Coach

This is my Story

Hello Friend,

Have you had a moment in life where your whole world came to a screaming halt? If so, you are not alone.
At the age of 19, I was fighting for my life after major blood clotting 3 days after the birth of my son. To my doctor's surprise, my blood results reflected a person who was not a clotter. So why?
After spending 7 weeks in the hospital, I learned to walk again and started my journey into self-discovery. Let's just say my first stop was in therapy to learn how I manifested a medical condition against science. The second step was to join a gym and shed the 40 kilos in 12 months.
The concept, "Your Body Is a Physical Manifestation of Your Thoughts" became my mantra. Through a Holistic Life Coach, I discovered my unresolved traumas had become issues in my tissues resulting in my body's blood clotting. I often repeated, "you boil my blood" when talking about my relationship with my father. We were estranged and I truly believed at the time I was never good enough, I was unlovable and not worth protecting. When my father came to the hospital and he lay across my chest telling me he loves me as the doctors put needles in my arms. It felt like the first time he truly showed he loved me. My body ruptured a surface vein allowing vital blood to flow to my organs saving my life.
Previous to this day, I did my best buffering childhood trauma through eating disorders, smoking weed and sabotaging all relationships in my life. I would later add obsessive training and controlled eating and unhealthy toxic relationships. I joined the fitness industry and believed I found my calling. By the time I was 25, I knew I needed drastic help in transforming my life.
This is where I started to seriously invest in every kind of therapy available to me to bring me to where I am today.
The person who stands here today is a woman who has the ability to share the tools and strategies to reinvent her life. I am a person who has risen from the floor when I believed that I was not worthy of life or love.
Today I am married to the most amazing kind of human and together we have a blended family with 6 amazing children. In the past 25 years, I have helped hundreds of families transform their lives through education on healthy lifestyles, personal training, yoga, meditation, mindset, life coaching, hypnotherapy, relationship coaching and healthy daily rituals.
In the past 20 years, I have successfully created a community through owning my A Ray Of Fitness Studio and Inner Strength Coaching while raising children and facilitating change in hundreds of people's life. I have transformed my life and shared step-by-step tools with others through Healthy Mind & Body Coaching, focusing on successful people wanting to learn the strategies for juggling business, relationships and health. The best lesson I have learnt, happiness is an inside job.


Yours in health & happiness,

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Here is a snapshot of Raylee & Inner Strength Coaching & Retreats 2022 in Review!

We all have the same 24 hours a day. So here I would love to share a splash of my year with you and my family & friends.

With 5-kids at home, we had four formals this year, one finished year 12,& one finished primary. We had two trips to the emergency room, with one being hit by a car. I am happy to say everyone is ok.

There were times I felt so alone in business myself. This is why I, too, found a retreats coach to help me confidently build my second business and leave no stone unturned.

I am transparent and share with my people warts and all. I am so grateful for my 29 years of commitment to personal growth.

As a result, I am genuinely and so in love with my husband, family, friends, business and life. 


Raylee Rice