When I changed the meaning of my past, I changed my future.

Jul 01, 2022
This is Raylee Rice's Dad

When I changed the meaning of my past, I changed my future.

This is an old photo of my dad.

I want to tell you that we have had a perfect relationship and were close, but that would be a lie. 

Growing up, I felt disconnected and hated my dad for many things. I honestly thought he never hugged, listened to, made me feel safe and was generally ashamed of me. This story led me on a path of self-destruction and sabotage. This was the story I played on repeat creating the feeling of worthlessness, resulting in looking for evidence out in the world proving I was right. 


Our bodies don't know the difference between a thought we are having and an experience we live. As a result, these thoughts created a feeling of disconnection and self-hate.


The beauty about all of this, I can change my thoughts and think on purpose. I get to give the past a new meaning that serves my life for the good. 

Instead, I feel the most unbelievable joy and love for a selfless man today. 

My dad did his best with a feisty, heartbroken, and rebellious young daughter. 

My dad didn't understand what was happening inside me, nor did I know what was happening inside him.

#lifecoaching and #hindsight have offered me #perspective,  #understanding,  #comparsion#forgiveness,  #selflove,  #gratitude, #mindset and #unconditionallove. It has been a long road of #selfdiscovery that I find the #innerpeace to realise that I was the perfect child and had the ideal father to bring me to this exact place in my life.

Today, I hold close to every precious moment I have with the man I idolise. With his blood flowing through my veins, my dad, Ray, made me who I am today. That feisty young girl is now a fearless woman who has the strength, courage, business sense, determination, and love and compassion to facilitate change and support in many people's lives. 

Because of all those tough times, I am the women who can raise children that I did not give birth to, as did he, build my businesses, and share my opinion with a powerful voice as did he. I am my dad's daughter, and no one else was up for the job better than he.

 I am so proud of my dad as I am proud of myself. 


If you are holding internal pain or anger and want to free yourself from your past, I know the ideal feisty, compassionate Mindset Life coach with the skills to help. 

Her name is Ray Mahony's daughter. 

Are you ready to live your life by design, not by default? 

Then, take charge and direct your energy into creating your dream life.