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How To Prioritise Your Life

life coaching priorities time management Apr 22, 2022
Prioritise your time

What is most essential and calling for your attention in your life right now? Do you have an itch that needs to be scratched but is unsure where to start? Or do you feel that you don’t have “enough” time?

Often, clients come to me for life coaching on achieving what they believe is the “most” important thing in their lives. But then, in the same breath, we are after balance.

It is my opinion both are not possible NOR necessary. I can hear the kickback now; I want a balanced life.

If a balanced life is what you want, this requires spreading your energy evenly over many areas of your life. On the other hand, priorities will need to be in place if you want a new outcome.

Our top priorities often don’t mean that they need a lot of time. But often, we give them minimal time at all.

For example, let’s take improving your health; maybe this only takes up to one hour of your day. Improving your health may include a 20-minute walk, 10-minute meditation and 20-30 minutes for food prepping healthy, nutritious meals. So often, we make excuses why we have not lost that extra 10 kilos and create reasons to support the stories we tell ourselves.

Maybe you have wanted to start your own business but keep procrastinating or blaming a “lack of time”.

One way to get more time is by getting your priorities straight.

If weight loss is your priority, list the top 5 things you need to do to achieve weight loss.

1. Do food prep.

2. Do a morning walk or an activity you enjoy.

3. Increase water intake, so on, and so on.

If your priority is to open your own business, what would your top 5 priority list be?

If improving a relationship is your priority, what would your top 5 priorities be to achieve this?

Make sure you spend time on the things you want to spend time on.

Please list the top priorities in your life and then prioritise them from most urgent & most important/critical to important/not urgent to not important/not urgent.

Remember having a specific priority does not mean that this is the way life is forever.

We all have certain times when our attention is required more in a particular area.

For example, setting up a business will require your attention, and Netflix will have to take a back seat. Weight Loss goals will mean that your focus could be on moving more and eating less processed/fast foods. Boozy lunches are not a priority at this time.

When you are focused on your priority, say NO to everything else. Priorities are not the time for balance.

When I work, I work. However, when I spend the holiday with my family, work is NOT a priority.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you still got.

When you strive for balance, and everything is running smoothly, everything becomes vanilla. Who wants vanilla anyway?

Focus your attention unbalanced for as long as it takes to gain the momentum required to achieve your goal.

Prioritising what is essential and channelling your energy towards it is the way to create the extraordinary life you are after.

Don’t strive for balance. Balance is overrated.

If it is important to you, you will make it happen. If not, you will make excuses.

Choose wisely. 

Happiness is an inside job.

Coach Raylee

Are you ready to live your life by design, not by default? 

Then, take charge and direct your energy into creating your dream life.