Feeling Proud of yourself first

Jul 01, 2022
Feeling Proud Of Yourself

"What have you done today to make yourself proud"?

It could be as simple as following through on a promise to do some exercise today or as big as completing a degree.

One of the best feelings in the world is feeling proud.

I love feeling proud of myself. I love it so much that I practice feeling it more often.

According to accountability coaches, it's an emotion that we consciously try to create in out lives. 

Take a moment to think about what would make you feel proud. Did you notice that it's not the actual act of doing the action that makes you feel proud? Instead, the thought alone can bring on the feeling.

Feeling proud is a gift to yourself.

Often we think we have to do something first to feel proud of ourselves.

What I have learned is the opposite is true.

When we feel proud of ourselves, we often take action that will bring us more of the feeling of pride.

Google defines a "feeling of pleasure or satisfaction as the result of one's achievements."

I don't believe those achievements need to be huge. Those achievements can be in the past, present or future. We choose to think about our lives in a way that brings up those feelings.

Anchoring is a practical NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) technique for inducing a specific frame of mind or emotion such as relaxation, happiness, confidence and feeling proud. It usually involves a touch, like a bookmark for the desired emotion, and recalling it later using that same anchor.

I have anchored 'feeling proud' on the middle knuckle of my right hand. Whenever I need to believe in myself or remind myself I "can do it", I press on my knuckle. This anchor recalls when I stood on stage to compete in a Body Shaping competition. I felt so proud at the time that I had overcome a life-threatening illness, lost 40 kilos and reclaimed my life. Ok, now that's a big one.

Many more minor victories can also evoke the feeling of 'proud'. Feeling proud of my children, our country, and our healthy lifestyle or proud I no longer feel trapped in an over-eating, over-drinking or overthinking war.

We never have to wait for someone to be proud of us. It's our job.

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